First Post

Love: affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests

Love is one of the few emotions that don’t have to be learned. It has been apparent throughout history as the driving force behind some of the most wonderful acts and most devastating tragedies. It’s not to be confused with obsession or dependence. Its particular in it’s own light when found between two intelligent beings. 

Specifically when a person falls in love with another, it becomes very clear to them what love is. Though love is an idea, I feel like there is empirical evidence to say that it’s the strongest ideology in the world. 

On that note, I would do anything for Quiana Rose (owner/author). 

Admiration – Since day one, I have admired her. She’s always been where I want to be. She has amazing character. Quiana is a very strong woman with a lot of character. She is no stranger to speaking her mind. Standing up for what is right; oh, we’ll get to that in a second. 

Benevolence – For the (not so) smart ones reading this, that means the drive/disposition to do good. Quiana is a pinnacle of doing what she feels is right. It’s quite an extreme case or abnormality, given that most people are driven by their own definition of success. If she feels something is wrong, she’s gonna let you know until it’s fixed. All hope is never lost.

Common Interest – There are many cases where common interest forms what one could say is “love,’ but what we have is not the same. If she wants something, I’m going to get it. 

Actually what you’re reading is something I went and got for her. It’s her very own website, and a blog to manage it. I created it on the notion that she wants to share her story. Her story’s a big deal. How many people do you know that had brain cancer. You’re probably in awe that there is such a thing. Well it’s real, and she’s weathering that storm right now.

Her boyfriend and longtime friend, Al.

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