Oh age, thou hast come upon me…

I have been saying I was 27 since like, February.. But today (on my birthday) someone asked me how old I was, and I actually felt like an old hag when I said it knowing that I would never see 26 again.

Quite naturally, this shocked me because I was the 17 year old girl who couldn’t wait to turn 30. Looking back at 26, why was 27 so scary? Was it the fear of getting old? Was it intimidation of all of the new possibilities, including a new career, a new location, being away from my mom and Xzavier, a new family when my husband and I decided we were ready?

I had to take a second to evaluate that, because aging has never been something to worry me. Why was I worried instead of excited?

At 26, I battled brain cancer, had fears of dying young, never accomplishing God’s purpose for me in life, never finishing graduate school, never having a career, never being able to truly love someone and have that love be reciprocated, never getting married, never having family, never traveling, never doing mission work, never this, never that… Here I am a year later, without cancer, closer to God than where I was last year, not depressed, no fears of death, finishing graduate school in 2 classes, in love with my best friend, and getting married in 31 days. The more I think about the significant transformation God has done in my life since 26, and all of the new doors He has opened, I become all the more excited about 27 and everything that this next year will bring.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me and kept me in their thoughts. Thank you to my closest friends who supported me, watched me cry, loved me, and helped me grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Thank you for all of your birthday wishes, and kind words. There are days when they mean more than you know.

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