Love and Marriage ♥

So I’ve been meaning to blog since I got back from my honeymoon, but I was spending time with my love, and well… Let’s be honest, that was much more fun. Lol. Tuesday I officially became Quiana Richburg and put Quiana Rose to rest! And I updated all of my accounts. I’m a Mrs. now!

My bachelorette party was so much fun! I’m still so super happy that all of my friends/family who flew in were able to do so- and of course Candice, who has been here since December being totally awesome. The wedding was perfect. A simple and elegant backyard wedding. What I always wanted. The reception was quite quiet, but my family, close friends and best friends who flew in went to my house and turnt up afterwards. Reception part 2. Lol.

So we went on a 7-day cruise to Belize, Honduras and Cozumel for our honeymoon. Honestly, 7 days on a boat is entirely too long, but for a honeymoon it’s absolutely perfect. Of course the best part of the honeymoon was sucking up all of my husband’s attention and only being with him for the week, but the second best part was the cruise. The Pizza Cafe & the pina coladas were serious!! Surprisingly, the ports weren’t as awesome as I thought they’d be. I was super hype because I’ve never been out of the country. I thought we’d get to walk around and just be back on the boat by a certain time. I was definitely wrong. The port is actually a really small locked-in area with a bunch of Americans selling things for Carnival. Lol. I was basically in America on foreign land. Smh. I mean, there were some people from the other countries, but I guess I actually need to visit the country outside of a cruise if I want the real experience. It was still super fun though.

While we were on the cruise, we won our way into being the newlyweds on the Love Game by having the “most passionate kiss” amongst all the newlyweds! 😘 We tied for first place with the couple who had been married for 28 years. The other couple had been married 56 years; they were soooo funny and cute!! The show ran on Cruise TV for the rest of the week, so literally every time we walked out of the room someone would be like, “Newlyweds!!! Congratulations!!” Lol Fun times.

Any who, we got back last Sunday and spent the week together. Now he’s back in NC 😦 I must say, even though Al is always intentionally getting on my nerves, I still miss him more than you could imagine when he’s not here. Lol. I can’t wait until he’s done with training so I can see him everyday!

If you had told me 6 months ago that I would be married and healthy, I honestly would have felt like hitting you. Lol. I remember being so terrified that I was going to die young or be paralyzed for the rest of my life. Never get married, never have a family, never finish what I was placed on the earth to do. And here I am now, married, happy and full of life. 

One thing I can say is that everything that I’ve gone through- cancer, brain surgery, radiation, being engaged, getting married- has taught me a lot about myself and really shown me who I can trust and depend on. I was so stressed the week of my wedding, but my close friends and family told me that when everything was said and done, the things that were stressing me out wouldn’t even matter. And they were right. I had a beautiful wedding, fabulous honeymoon, the support of amazing friends and family, and I’m spending the rest of my life with the most incredible man I know. Everything that I felt I was losing, God gave back to me in a way I would never imagine. I am so blessed 🙂

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the cruise:

Gray Belmont Frame By Studio Décor® (Michael’s $21.20)


“What altitude are we sailing at?” (questions from cruisers)
“Do crew members sleep on the ship?” (questions from cruisers)
“The helicopter picking up the crew at night is too loud.” (questions from cruisers)
“Housekeeping is never here when we need them!” (says old woman at 7 am)
“We’re gonna be up inside you so deep, you won’t be able to walk straight.” (Ice T- SVU)
“ I got the money. It’s not about the money. It’s liquidating the money. I have to get the money in a liquid situation so that I can pour it.” (Vince Vaughn- Fred Claus)
“Did you get your a*% wiped?!” (says a man who thinks whipped and wiped are the same thing)
“YOUR HUSBAND IS GOING TO ABUSE YOU!!!” (a woman screams to another woman while we’re walking off the elevator)
Love Game Host: “If your wife bent over in front of you, how would you describe it?” 56 years of marriage guy: “Nothing. She has nothing. It’s like an aspirin.”
My guy: “5 stars, a smiley face, and a rocket.” Hahaha
“If I could marry you every year, I would.” (my love)

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