So, first things first… Anyone who knows me or who has ever ridden in my car knows that I am kind of obsessed with Jesus Culture, and I absolutely loooovvvveee Kim Walker. Like, she is hands-down my favorite singer… ever. Amazing voice, great songs, and super anointed. So last night I saw them in concert!! It was awesome 🙂

Anywho, I started a field practicum at a psychiatric hospital three weeks ago. I definitely would not go into a career dealing with mental health, but I am learning a lot and I made a new friend, so I’ll take it. Lol. I want to work in adoption services or work with cancer patients, and I’m so close to my MSW that I can actually start looking for jobs. It’s ridiculous!! 2 months!! Yassss!!!

Al and I are moving to San Diego- MUCH better than getting stationed in South Carolina. I am really going to miss Houston; I have actually grown to love it here, but I’m really glad that I’ll be with my husband. I keep hearing how beautiful San Diego is, so I’m excited to see it. Hopefully it’s as beautiful as Florida.

This morning my mommie and I went to visit someone who just had brain surgery. All of the uncertainty that the family felt brought back so many memories. Like, I know how it feels to not have answers and to not know what is going on with your body or your health. It’s absolutely terrifying. I’m very prayerful for the lady and her family. Brain tumors suck, but I know from experience that God is faithful to heal you.

I have a doctor’s appointment at MD Anderson on July 3rd. Today makes three months since I’ve finished radiation, so I’m able to get an MRI to verify whether or not the cancer is gone. I’m believing God that it is. I haven’t had any symptoms or anything since I finished radiation. Well, I’ve had awful migraines, but my neurologist said that the migraines may not have anything to do with the tumor. I hope they don’t because I want the tumor to be gone, but then… that sucks because that means I’m just one of those poor saps who gets migraines. lol.

Any way, I haven’t blogged in a while. Thought I’d drop a line, but life is rather uneventful right now so I don’t have too much to say! Ta-ta!

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