Weekend Bliss

I’m on a layover in Charlotte, NC right now. My flight leaves in 26 minutes, and soon after I’ll be seeing my husband, who I haven’t seen since July 2nd. I’m really, really excited that we finally get to live together! Long distances marriages are weird, especially in the beginning of a marriage. I finished my field practicum Friday, and he’s able to move now too so yay!!

We got all of furniture- which honestly has been a headache because the people who work at UPS in League City are extremely incompetent. Our apartment is really nice, and I can’t wait to move in because I’ve been back home for 2 years and now I can move in with my love!

This weekend Al & I see going to DC. I am sooo excited! I hear there is a lot to do and that it’s super fun. We were originally going to go to the Great Smoky Mountains, but then I thought… We can go hiking whenever we want in Texas, but when will we be close to DC again? Plus there is a waterfall I can see in DC- not as big as the ones in the mountains, but beautiful nevertheless. Then Sunday we’re going to Busch Gardens with my niece, nephew & sister. So basically, it’s gonna be an awesome weekend!

I started the beginning of the year super depressed, scared thinking that I was either going to die or be paralyzed from cancer/surgery, angry because I wasn’t graduating on time because of surgery, and God turned everything around. I have been so extremely blessed. I got everything I wanted, and more. My life is like… Awesome.

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