So I’m living with my husband…

Weird title, right? Well, Al and I are like super married now! Lol. This weekend was awesome. DC was so much fun. I walked at least 4 miles and no doubt felt like my legs were going to fall off, but we had a lot of fun. Saw a lot of neat things, met Al’s friends who were totally awesome, and spent lots of time together. Sunday we got to spend time with our family, which was also really great. I think seeing ny niece and nephew(s) will always be my favorite thing, until Baby Al or Baby Quiana arrives anyway. Lol. Jk. Or something.

So it was a really long drive down here. I got restless after the first 10 hours. I’m glad Al didn’t have to drive by himself though. We drove through Shreveport today, and of course I thought of Shaun. Driving past the exit to her house was weird. I haven’t been over there since her funeral. I remember when I used to be sooooo excited to go to Shreveport, and this time I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I missed her. I’ve never known anyone as awesome and kind hearted as her. Don’t think I ever will. I really miss her. Even after two years, I don’t think that ever goes away because I still think about her almost everyday. But what can you do except find joy that the person you love isn’t in pain anymore… RIP Shaun.

Anyway, Al & I got to Fort Worth today, and I absolutely love our new apartment!!!! Not only is it huge and beautiful, but it’s OURS!! I’m so happy that Al & I finally have our own place. I must say though, I miss my mom already! It’s a good thing we’re not right around the corner from each other, I guess. I’m married now, and 27… So I guess I need to grow up. Lol.

So I got surprises for Al- one was this really awesome personalized Bible- which he loves. And the other was American/USMC decor for our bathroom. He loves that too, which was awesome. I’m glad he liked it so much. I can’t wait to drive down to Houston this weekend to get all of our furniture. It’s so pretty 🙂 And I’m excited to have dinner with my friends this weekend. Like, I’ve really met some amazing people. It’s always a blessing when you meet people who you’ll always keep in touch with, even when you move. I seemed to have found 1 or 2 in every state, so far… And it’s only been 3 states lol but still.

So yeah… Now I’m living in Fort Worth with Al. Xzavier is coming to stay with us too, which is awesome. He’s coming back with us when we go to Houston this weekend. Life is pretty great still. No complaints at all!!! 

Weekend Quotes:

Al: I think I’m gonna get Out [of the military] and hustle cell phones.
Me: yeah, you can do that. I’m probably gonna leave you though.

*dogs whining*
Me: the dogs probably have to go to the bathroom.
Al: that sucks. They’re gonna have to wait till I take them. I run this house.
Me: o.O

Jada: Does Uncle Chip like when you dress like this? A lot of people at this park are dressed inappropriately.
Me: Yeah, they are.
Jada: You kind of are too.
Me: *taken off guard*

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