❤ My Life ❤

Al and I drove to Houston Monday night. I had appointments at MD Anderson Tuesday and Wednesday. The radiation department was a drag as always, but everything else was awesome. Originally, all 4 of my appointments were on Wednesday, but the radiation department called and said my radio-oncologist (the one who incorrectly told me that the cancer was gone) wasn’t going to be in on Wednesday so I had to reschedule. 

Then after my MRI at 7 am, they called again and said that my doctor didn’t come to work that day and they needed to reschedule for Friday. Well, that’s going to be hard seeing as to how I drove 4 hours to get to this appointment and my husband has to be back at work on Thursday. So I didn’t meet with her, which was honestly probably for the best. I just wanted to talk to her about how rude it was to tell me that the cancer was gone, and not call after she got the results of the test. So whatevs… I’m going to switch doctors.

Wednesday I met with my oncologist and with a nutritionist. They were super great. We went over my MRI, and I didn’t have contrast this time so it wasn’t as clear as it could have been. My doctor said that from the last MRI, what was leftover and unable to be determined as post operative scarring or residual tumor is smaller now. Soooo awesome news, right?! It’s not growing, and it’s smaller, so it sound like it’s post operative scarring still. I was really excited. I have to go back again in January.

In other news, I’m extremely bored not having a job. I updated my resume this morning and started looking for something part time. All of the part-time social work jobs I’ve seen so far are on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll pass on that. But I gotta find something. A month off was fine, moving, unpacking, doing stuff… But I have nothing to do now, and I feel like a loser. lol.

Marriage is awesome, and DFW is turning out to be lovely. It’s extremely cold. I really miss my close friends back in Houston, but I’m enjoying spending time with my family. Tomorrow I’m taking my little sister to the movies to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. And I found a church that I really like. This year I haven’t been going to church or praying or really doing anything as much as I used to. That whole cancer thing just made me not want to do anything, really. But I was happier and had more peace when I was active and more spiritual, so I need to get my life together. Anyway… bye 🙂

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