How Can Something Be So Fun, Yet Uneventful?

So I really like living in Fort Worth. I feel like I do a lot, but in reality I don’t know how true that is. lol. I love that I get to see my dad and my family up here. I’ve never really lived that close to him, so it’s nice to be near him and also to get to know my other brothers and sister. They’re super young so I don’t know them too well.

Last Sunday Al and I went to Wale & J. Cole’s concert. I don’t particularly care for rap, but I do like those two a lot- especially Wale. He was an excellent performer. I’d love to see him in concert again. I liked J. Cole, but he wasn’t nearly as entertaining. The girls sitting behind us were soooo ratchet. It was ridiculous. Like, one of the lines to the song was, ‘where my b****** at?’ And the girls behind us started screaming. Ummm, why are you calling yourself that? They were a mess the whole concert, and Al kept tweeting really inappropriate hashtags when referring to them throughout the concert. lol.

Next week we’re going to see John Legend and Tamar Braxton in concert. Anyone who knows me knows that nothing (besides finding out I was pregnant) could be more exciting to me right now than seeing Tamar in concert. She’s my fave. Can’t wait. John Legend is awesome in concert too. I saw him at the rodeo last year. And his new CD is awesome, so basically next weekend is gonna be the greatest.

My mom’s 50th birthday is next Friday, and she’s coming up here. I have lots of awesome things planned for the weekend. Sooo super hype!! I’m totally gonna be her favorite child after this. jk. I already am. lol. No, seriously I’m joking, but I’m super excited for next weekend.

Anywho, just felt like blogging a bit. Later gaters!

Quotes from the house:

*Xzavier, Al and I all talking about how Charter Cable wanted us to get a house phone*

Al: Where would we even put a house phone?!

X & I: *laughter*

Al: I’m not touching a house phone, ever! Not even if there’s a fire!

X & I: *silent* What?

Me: *frying burgers and holding bacon in my hand* I’m gonna have a nice little BCB. You know what that is?

Xzavier: Beef corn bacon burger?

Me: *Puzzled look* No?

Me: We’re leaving in 30 minutes, so you need to take a shower.

X: I already did… 10 days ago.

Me: You’re gross.

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