What A Week

So I don’t know how it’s possible to have the best day and the worst day of your life in a one-week time-span, but that definitely just happened. Last Monday I found out that I was pregnant, and I guess if you don’t know me well then you have no idea how happy I was. Like, I really, really want babies. lol. NOW.

And then I’ve been kind of freaking out because I didn’t know how radiation affected my body. Someone at MD Anderson (don’t remember which doctor) told me I’ll be fertile for at least another 5 years, 10 at the max… Granted, it hasn’t been that long… but I never know what to expect with the whole cancer ordeal. Stuff just happens.

Anyway, last Saturday I woke up bleeding, and I’ve never been so scared in my life. Al and I went to the ER, and I felt like they didn’t really have any information for us because I had to go home and wait for two days. They said bleeding in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is really common, and it doesn’t always mean miscarriage. So they drew my blood and said I was either miscarrying or I wasn’t as far along as I thought because my HCG levels were low. They said I’d have to come back Monday and get another test and see if my HCG levels went up to show that the pregnancy was progressing, or went down indicating miscarriage.

Like, I knew how far along I was… So I expected them to tell me it was a miscarriage. But even after two days of waiting and expecting them to tell me that, it was still one of the worst days of my life when they said that I lost it. Al is so great though. Like, he’s perfect. I’m so blessed to be with him. We left the hospital and went to Mimi’s Cafe, which he hates without reason.. And we put the Christmas tree up because he knows how obsessed I am with Christmas and decorations. lol. Just lots of little things to make me happy. And my family, Al’s family & my close friends were pretty great too. I have really awesome people in my life. Kell, my 10 year old brother, sent me a text that said “I’m so sorry about your miscarriage, but he’s in heave with God.” It was so cute and sweet. I love that kid.

I was in a really crappy mood all week. I feel like I may have been unintentionally rude to people for no real reason. I’ve just been a really angry little person. lol. BUT at least I know that we’re both like… super fertile. We literally just started trying and the next thing you know, I’m preggers. Young, secksy and in our prime. lol.

It’s crazy how sad you can be about something you only knew about having for a week, but I guess it’s true that you love your baby the second you find out about it. At least for me, anyway.

I was.. well, I still am kind of nervous about being pregnant again, just because I don’t want that to happen again. But the doc told us that lots of first pregnancies end in miscarriages and the women go on to have healthy future pregnancies. I actually read that 70% of first pregnancies end in miscarriages before the mom even knows she’s pregnant. But then I think, well if the mom didn’t know then where exactly did that statistic come from? 

Anyway, Al’s birthday is next weekend. He’ll be 24. I have the whole weekend planned out. It’s gonna be so great. I plan the best birthdays, and give the best gifts. I’m so excited. I love other people’s birthdays. Well, I love my birthday too. I love any reason to get turnt up. lol. JK. Kind of, but not really. We’re gonna be in Houston for his birthday. I have an appointment at MD Anderson Friday, so we’re just gonna stay for the weekend. Fun times.

Anyway, here’s more quotes. lol.

Dre: Al told me you were naming your baby Andre’ Maurice Richburg.

Me: No he didn’t, because we’re not. Why would I name my baby after you when I’m super close to three of my brothers?

Dre: Well, it’s easy… Say you’ll name it after your favorite brother- obviously me and Xzavier. Then you’ll name it after the one who’s more successful… Andre’s older, he has a career, it’s obviously me.

Side note: I don’t have a favorite brother. Andre’ is crazy. lol.


Xzavier: Now Quian’, don’t start eating everything you crave. If the baby

starts out with that much power, it’s already a wrap.


Me: Are you excited to start school and meeting some cool people?

X: Maybe.

Me: You definitely are.

X: Maybe.

Me: You are. I can sense it. Now that I’m pregnant, I have a mother’s intuition,

X: Shut up.

Me: o.O


*Andre’ showing us his tattoos on Google Hangouts (video chat)

X: What is that?

Dre: I know it’s real hard to see because my light sucks. Beva, can you

turn on the Christmas lights?

X: Dre’ I told Quian’ she had to have a baby the same time as one of her brothers, so I gotta step up.

Dre’: If you’re trying to have a baby, find a hood rat. Them hood rats be fertile.

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