It’s Been a Long Time…

Geeze, it has been a while! I’ve been meaning to blog, but I was waiting for Al to update my website so that it’s not linked to Tumblr anymore. We’ve had a lot going on though.

Anyway, things have been really great. I got really depressed after my last entry. I got pregnant again, then had another miscarriage. Then my docs thought I had thrombophilia because of the brain surgery and the stroke. So I just felt like, great, another thing cancer is taking away from me. As it turned out, I don’t have it (thank God). I don’t know why I had two miscarriages two months in a row though. Hopefully next time I get pregnant, it’s full-term with a healthy baby. Third time’s a charm.

Since then I’ve just been spending time with my hubster, Jesus, and the rest of my family. Valentine’s Day was lots of fun. I got to plan Valentine’s Day, and Al gets to plan our one year anniversary. We’re going to switch off every year. That Friday I took him to this really cool coffee shop in Dallas called Opening Bell Coffee. There was a live performer there named Amy Noelck. She was pretty good. The coffee was INCREDIBLE! Best coffee shop I’ve been to since Washington State.

Then Saturday we caught the train to Dallas. The public transportation in downtown Dallas is great. We paid $10 each for the trains and all of the buses, though most buses were free. We went to the Dallas Museum of Art & ate at some random tavern. I can’t remember the name, but the food was really good. We ended up missing the train because we got on the wrong one. By the time we got back to the train stop, ours was gone. Unfortunately the trains only run every two hours, which was the only stupid thing I found in the public transportation system in Dallas. So we stayed at the train stop and played 20 questions until the next train came.

Sunday we went to church and got haircuts. Then we went home and painted on canvas. I wanted to go to Pinot’s Palette, but it was $90 and I already had a lot planned for the weekend and spent enough on gifts. So we watch a painting video on YouTube, and got some really cool paintings of birds on a vine.

I made Al a really cool Lovopoly game since Monopoly is his favorite game. It turned out awesome. And I got him a customized Bobblehead, because we’re both obsessed with The Office. And I got him this PS Vita game, Tearaway. We got engaged on February 17th, so it’s fun to celebrate Valentine’s weekend for multiple reasons 🙂

Our one year anniversary is like 5 weeks away. I have some really awesome gifts that I’m getting for him. My favorite one is the one I’m making. Not working has been a great reminder of how much I love arts & crafts, and also how much I love baking! Our anniversary week is going to be awesome. Celebrating our marriage, Candice is coming to Texas, and I’m walking for graduation. I wasn’t going to, but there were days when I didn’t even think I’d live long enough to walk so I think it’s something worth celebrating.

Xzavier, Al and I went to Colorado last week to visit my brother before he deploys. Colorado is really nice; that was the first time I had ever went. I expected it to be a lot more green, like Washington State, because people are always saying how beautiful it is. It was nice, but I have still yet to see a state as beautiful as my first home.

We went to a really cool coffee shop called Jives (yes, I find coffee shops everywhere I go. Feel free to stereotype people from Washington). We also went to see Al’s family. His grandmother is super funny. And I finally met his dad. We went to Castle Creek Outlets, and I got some really cute Chucks. Blue and white polkadots. And Al got some really nice ties from Jos A Bank.

My nephew DeAndre came home with us to visit. He’s so cute and sweet and fun! He could stay here forever, although I’m sure his parents won’t let him. lol. He’ll be four in one month.

Next weekend we’re going down to Houston to do Run For The Rose. My husband got a really nice shirt that says, “I run for my wife.” He is so ridiculously sweet. I love him so much! Anyway, a lot of people from my brain tumor support group will be there, and I’m very excited to see them. One of the members of my group is in hospice right now. I hope I am able to see her next weekend. She and her father are so kind, and I’d like to be able to say goodbye.

Last night I finally went to the brain tumor support group in Fort Worth. I wasn’t going to go, but at the last minute I decided to go. I’ve been saying, ‘I’ll go next month’ since we moved here. It was nice.

Any who, I’m gonna clean the kitchen and look for playing time for Divergent. The book was really good! I can’t decide if I like it more than Hunger Games or not. I guess I’ll have to finish all of the books first so I can compare the trilogies. I’m on chapter 8 of the second book. I hope Four is as cool in the movie as he is in the book; but realistically, I know that books are always better. Welp, alrighty! Ta-ta!


Al’s grandmother MeMe: So when are you due?

Me: I’m not pregnant.

MeMe: Are you sure?

Me: Yes.

MeMe: Well, why is your little stomach growing?

Me: *blank stare*


Unnamed person in my life: How are you bisexual, Republican and racist? What kind of human is that? There is a perfect circle in hell just for you.


Me: I’m getting fat. Everyone thinks I’m pregnant.

Al: Yes, because an 8 year old child and a 70 year old woman said that, it must be true.

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