The Ongoings of The Richburgs

So my love is out of the Marine Corps now. He started his new job last week, which he seems to really like, so that’s awesome. And even more awesome that we get to keep Tricare for the rest of our lives, so insurance wasn’t an issue in him accepting a job.

Monday we’re moving to a bigger apartment. I’m really excited. It’s on the first floor!! And way nicer, way bigger for only an extra $50 a month. I really wanted to get a place in Dallas so Al and I could still have lunch together everyday, but it would cost us like an extra $500 to live near his job… and that pretty much goes against saving to buy a house. So I guess I’ll just drive to Dallas every now and then to have lunch with him, while also letting him make friends at work and whatnot. lol.

Anyway I’m 29 weeks today. I’m supposed to have a c-section at 39 weeks. My OBGYN and my oncologist said pushing after having multiple brain surgeries would be too much of a risk for a stroke, which could be fatal. So of course I welcome the c-section. lol. At first I was pissed, but at least I can still have kids. Hopefully I don’t start having contractions before it’s scheduled. It’d be awesome if I could avoid labor pains altogether. lol.

So we have 10 weeks to get all of Baby Alvin’s things together! I am sooo excited to set up and decorate his nursery. We haven’t bought anything for him yet. Al didn’t want to have to move any extra stuff, which makes sense. His nursery is going to be Oh, The Places You’ll Go. I found some really nice cribs on Etsy. Haven’t decided which one Baby Alvin will have yet. Also haven’t decided on the crib. My mom is buying the crib. There is one that we really like for $200 and others that are just as functional but not as cute for less… So we could also get a mattress. BUT the more expensive one also comes with a toddler bed guardrail, and the other cribs sell that separately. So really, it’s a win either way. In both situations, I’ll end up buying something extra.

The movers just left the house. I am sooo excited that the military is moving us. We are going to pack flammable items, clothes that we’ll be wearing the next couple of weeks, hair products, and food.. But they are moving everything else. I’m excited for Al and X, because I’m 7 months pregnant.. and not that I am a big asset when moving, but I would be even less of a help right now. lol. So glad to be be leaving the third floor and moving to the first. Soooo glad.

In other news, the baby shower is on the 18th. It’s Mad Hatter Themed. I’m super excited. I found a cute dress from Altar’d State that I might buy. It’s blue and white so I can be Alice. lol. It’s pricey, so I might buy something else.. but it’s something I can still wear after Baby Alvin is born. My best friends aren’t coming, so that sucks… but they’ll be here when Baby Alvin is born so that’s cool. My mommie will be here though. I had the craziest dreams last night that my baby shower was a mess. Amy didn’t make the cake, my mom didn’t show up to help set up, there was no food, no chairs, a bunch of random people that I didn’t know from my church in Houston. All we had were games, but no prizes. I was furious. lol. Thankfully, I don’t have any unreliable people helping plan the shower.

Anywho, I’m on the phone with my love right now. He’s on the way home from work. Write more in.. Idk, probably like 2 months. lol.

Oh, also… I went for a checkup at MD Anderson a few weeks, and I’m still tumor free!! Thank God! I go back for another checkup in January. After Baby Alvin is born, I’m back on three month check-ups. Meanwhile, cancer still ain’t tryna see me. lol.

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