Alvin’s Baby Shower

So we had the baby shower last weekend! We started like 30 minutes late, but it was still pretty awesome. I had lots of help. Al, his mom and my mom helped set everything up, and my dad picked up and dropped off the chairs and tables for me. It was super cute, Mad Hatter themed, and the people who came were super cool. We have met some really awesome people here.

I was so surprised and excited at all the gifts we got. I wasn’t expecting that much, but our friends & family from out of state sent things and our new friends here in Fort Worth were especially gracious too. We got all of the big things, crib, bassinet, playpen, and my best friend is getting the stroller. The only thing we have left to buy is a swing/rocker thingy, a dresser, and lots of diapers. I also want to get a futon or day bed for the nursery, so family can have somewhere to sleep when they visit.. like a guest room. Alvin will obviously be in the room with us when someone is using that room. lol.

I sent out all of the thank you cards a couple of days ago. They were super cute. So now we just need to buy some clothes and diapers and get ready for our little man to get here. I’m trying to enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy (c-section is scheduled in 5 weeks and 5 days!!!!), because I know that silence will no longer exist and I’ll probably be really stressed… since I’m typically always stressed. But I’m just soooooo excited. I definitely don’t want him to come early, because I want him to be super healthy, but waiting sucks. I can’t wait to see what he looks like, more like me or more like Al, and can’t wait to watch his littler personality develop. And I wonder how big he’ll be. I was 5 lbs 13 oz, and Al was 5 lbs 3 oz. Wouldn’t it be crazy if he came out at like 8 pounds? lol. 

The nursery isn’t really cute yet. It’s just like.. sitting there. lol. I want to buy some wall decals for Oh, The Places You’ll Go.. but we’re probably moving in a few months and I don’t want to have to buy 2 sets. Al’s commute is too long to work- 3 hours a day. We didn’t know it would be that bad, and now we want to move closer to his job. Probably North Arlington or Grand Prarie. I’ll probably just order the decals. They’re not even expensive. I mean, they’re like $11. lol. Marriage has made me unbelievably cheap. Never thought that would happen. lol.

Anyway, Al working super far really sucks. I feel like we don’t spend enough time together now. I miss him so much. He is working today too, so I’m super bored. I would really like it if Chrystle, Candice and/or Somalia moved to DFW. Those hey-I’m-bored-wanna-come-over-and-do-absolutely-nothing-but-still-be-entertained friends are hard to come by. lol. In the meantime, I’m about to do something with my hair and bake an apple pie. Later gators!

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