Four Weeks To Go!!

I just got home from taking X to work. Usually he takes my car, but Al is going to prayer tonight and I’m going to see someone at the hospital so I need my wheels. Sucks that we’re doing homegroup/church separately this week because I haven’t seen him since 6:30 a.m. and won’t see him till like 9 😦 But hey, at least we have the rest of our lives. lol.

Anyhow, yesterday was my last two-week interval check-up. I’m 35 weeks now so I have to go to the doctor once a week to see if I’ve started to dilate. So far Alvin is still tucked away and not trying to come early. I’m tired of being pregnant, but that was great news because I really want my mommie and Al’s mom to be here when Alvin is born.

Yesterday I ordered Alvin’s swing and bouncer, and bought him some newborn clothes and other things. I mostly got him onesies, hats and socks. We won’t be making too many trips that first month since the winters here are disgusting. Last year it was 19 every morning with highs of like 35 for several weeks. Definitely not taking our son out in that kind of weather.

Now we just need a few other things and nursery decor, which I’ll probably order next week. I painted the letters of his name a few weeks ago and yesterday I painted a Dr. Seuss frame, but I need the wall decals first so I can figure out where to hang everything. I also found these really cute hanging bookshelves. He is going to have the cutest nursery ever.

I’m so excited for Christmas!! I wanted to put the Christmas tree up on November 1st, but Al was acting like I was some kind of weird freak so we agreed on the day after Thanksgiving. lol. He is so weird; he wants me to get a black Christmas tree. I am already bound from ever having a real tree (he is allergic to them), so can I at least get a fake green tree and put pine air fresheners inside or use the spray? lol. I want it to look really pretty, not only because I actually am a weird freak about Christmas, but because I assume we’ll be taking newborn pictures at our house.

Thanksgiving and Christmas always make me miss my family. I used to spend it with my mom, my three brothers, my cousins, grandparents, auntie and uncle. It was always the best time. Now we’re here, and it’s just me, Xzavier and Al. Last year we went to my dad’s for Christmas Eve, and to our our friend’s house for Christmas. The food was great, we played taboo (which is my favorite!), and had a lot of fun. So the holidays aren’t bad, but they’re a reminder that my family isn’t as close as it used to be and that kind of sucks. One year I’d really like to have Christmas at our house and have my brothers and their kids, my sister-in-laws, cousins, and all the grandparents here- just one time! lol. Right now we’re quite a ways from that, but maybe one day!

I am super excited to give Al his birthday presents and Christmas present. I know he is really, really, really going to love them. I literally give the best gifts. There is nothing that I really want this year. I want a scrapbook space, and maybe some boots. But realistically, I probably won’t be scrapping for a while so I don’t care when I get it. I told Al he didn’t have to get me anything this year. I mean, he already gave me the best gift I could ever ask for. I feel him kicking every 30 minutes 🙂 And I’ll probably buy some boots on Black Friday anyway. lol.

Anywho, I’m going to lie down for like an hour before I go to the hospital. The nursery will be finished next week, so I’ll probably post pictures then. Ta-ta!

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