9 Days Left!!!

Yesterday I had my weekly appointment with my OBGYN. I was a bit worried because my doctor was concerned that Alvin had SGA. He said my uterus was measuring at 35 weeks instead of 37 weeks so I had to see a perinatologist to make sure everything was fine. The nurse said that it could be measuring small because he was in a weird position, because my frame was so small and he didn’t have enough room to grow, or because my amniotic fluid was low. If the fluid was low, I was going to have to have a c-section this week instead of next.

I was freaking out because I can’t wait until Alvin gets here, but I don’t want him to come early because something is wrong. On the upside, because we weren’t sure if I’d have to stay at the hospital to have the baby, Al let me put the Christmas decorations up yesterday instead of Friday! I was like, babe… I might be in the hospital Friday. lol. Last year I got to put the tree up early as well. I had a miscarriage right before Thanksgiving so Al put the tree up early since Christmas trees make me so happy. lol. This has to be the last year that the tree goes up because of a (potential) problem with our baby!

So I had an appointment with a perinatologist today, and my little guy is fine. He has a strong heartbeat, is very active, is in the normal growth range, and the fluid levels are fine. She told me that the normal range was between 25% and 75%, and Alvin was at 28%. I am 37 weeks and 5 days, and he measured at 36 weeks and 0 days so he is just a small baby. It’s not surprising though, because Al and I were both really small babies. She said he measured at 6 pounds and 8 ounces, give or take 1 pound. I am really happy that everything is going well. 

So I haven’t started to dilate, and the c-section is still scheduled for next Thursday. They don’t have to take him early. Can’t believe it’s almost time to see him!! I saw part of his little face on the ultrasound today, and he was so cute! He had the cutest, juiciest little lips! Just like his daddy. And he had a tiny little button nose like me. And his head was shaped like a question mark like mine and all of my brothers. Lol. 

I picked Candice up from the airport on Sunday. She got him so many clothes! And the stroller and car seat, which will be delivered tomorrow. First babies are so cool. Everyone just wants to help. Lol. I think we’ve only had to spend like $300, which is nothing compared to how much all of his things cost.

Yesterday I got him the cutest red sweater to wear for his newborn pictures. And I ordered some dresses from Express for myself. One of them is a really cute Trapeze dress that I can wear for the newborn pics. It’s perfect because it won’t cling to my stomach, which will probably look really icky that soon after birth. I wasn’t sure what size to order because I don’t know how big I’ll be, but as it turns out I can still fit all of my clothes- except for in the stomach. I tried on 2 of my XS Express dresses, and they still fit. And I still fit my pants… Just can’t button them. lol. Crazy, right? BTW, if you like Express, everything is 50% off online and in stores right now! Black Friday 🙂

I still need to order a twin size daybed for Alvin’s nursery. I’m waiting for the ETF card from Tmobile to buy that because it’s not really a necessity. Tmobile sucks at sending that card though. They have already sent it twice, and I still haven’t received it. Annoying. Anyway, other than the daybed and the curtains that are in transit right now, we have everything for his nursery. I still need to hang the bookshelves but we don’t have any nails :-/

I’m going to go to Target tomorrow and get some nails, and something to cook for Thanksgiving. I thought we were going to be staying home (lame), so I was going to go buy some groceries today but then my cousin Ashley invited us to her house and our friend Shana invited us over. So just getting side dish groceries.

Anywho, I need to take some Claritin. Allergies are going crazy and I am extremely exhausted. I want to take nap, but it’s 6:18 so I guess I’ll try to hold out until 8:30 when I can just go to sleep. Next and last appointment is next Tuesday, so I’ll probably write then. Later!

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