Alvin is Almost Here!

I had my last OBGYN appointment today. To no surprise, I still have not started to dilate. I am 38 weeks and 5 days, and the c-section is scheduled Thursday evening. I’m low-key pissed that the c-section is so late, because that is an incredibly long time to go without eating. The nurse said I can have a light breakfast, like toast, before 6 a.m. and one 8-ounce drink before 10:30 a.m. Like, I am literally hungry like every 90 minutes. What am I going to do for 11 hours?! >:-O I am sure that Thursday at 6, 6:30 I won’t care because our precious baby boy will be in my arms, but now… I’m annoyed. lol. Tomorrow both of our mothers will be here. I am super excited that they are both able to come. Yay!!

Anyway, after the appointment I ran the last of my errands. I got Al’s Christmas presents aside from the things that I ordered, Alvin’s curtains, and some parts for the breast pump. I’m about to go to Express with Al to exchange some pants that he ordered. They are a bit too big. 

This is the first year I ever shopped on Black Friday. Usually every Thanksgiving I’m like super broke, but this has been a good year. lol. Al and I both got some clothes from Express and got Alvin some clothes from Carter’s. I also ordered some of his Christmas presents, and got Al his GoPro for his birthday, which he hasn’t put down since Friday morning. He records everywhere we go, which has been extremely funny. People are really entertaining. 

Anywho, Thanksgiving was great. We went to my cousin Ashley’s house and spent some time with our family, then we went to hang out at our friend’s friend’s house, then stopped by my Dad’s for like 20 minutes or so. And Friday we hung out with our friends, who also took us to dinner last night. Saturday and Sunday we were just carousing around Dallas. I wanted my last “free” weekend (lol) to be fun. From here on out, we’ll be spending all of our weekends with Alvin. Obviously I am super excited about that, but this was my last weekend with just Al. It was awesome. Plus our new friends are really cool. We are enjoying making Fort Worth our home.

Anywho, Al is currently watching some crazy show on Hulu with some guy talking about the illuminati, humans being hybrids of aliens, our ancestors coming from space, and a whole bunch of other crazy conspiracy theories. I think that means I need to get off of the computer and go to Express. This video can only make us dumber. lol. Jk. You can learn something from anyone… in this case, it’s clearly learning what to NOT believe, but still! Next time I write, our baby boy will be here! Write more then 🙂

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