That Time We Got Engaged

Two years ago today, the hott guy in this pic asked me to be his wife. I had just had brain surgery 3 weeks prior and started radiation 4 days before. Felt so gross from weight gain, weight loss from steroids/surgery, being skinny with a belly lol. Felt so crazy from roid-rages (be grateful if you didn’t experience that!). Felt weak physically & intellectually while recovering. Felt insecure because it was hard to process information for a while & thought that all I had to offer was that I was smart.. But he still loved me.

When I felt that I was at my worst, he still saw the best and everyday since, he has made me feel just as beautiful and as special. I’m so glad that he asked me to be his wife, and so glad that I said yes. I’ve learned so much more about myself, about love, and about Christ, and I never imagined a love so great. How lucky am I to have fallen for my best friend? Grateful that he loves me too.

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