So this weekend wasn’t horrible like I thought it would be. Lol. I miss(ed) Al a bunch, but I had a great weekend. Yesterday was Sutton’s 2nd birthday, so Alvin & I went to her birthday party at Great Wolf Lodge. It was his first time in a pool, and he was pretty indifferent. Afterwards we went to Ashley’s house and they barebecued. It was pretty fun. I love hanging with Ashley and my Aunt Helen.

I also made this sign. I got a bookmark with this poem on it at one of my first appointments with my neuro-oncologist. This, along with Psalm 91 and the entire book of Job, has been one of my favorite reads for encouragement while I’ve been kicking cancer’s butt. And now I will always see it while I’m sitting on the couch. πŸ™‚ Now time to finish addressing Alvin’s christening invitations, and soon after pick up my love from the airport. Good day!

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