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Geeze. The last time I wrote here was exactly a year ago! (The last post was an Instagram post, not a blog.) And, coincidentally, the last time I wrote, Al was also out of town. I guess around this time last year, my website expired and I wanted to change the platform. I really hate tumblr. Then I switched to WordPress, but I didn’t like that much either. So last month, we decided on SquareSpace, and Al fixed my website. 

Anywho, Al is in Chicago for an IT convention right now. I miss him soooo much, and it’s only 3 days. I’m sure it’s a combination of my crazy hormones, and the fact that I’m already very emotional, but I cried a little when he left. lol. I’m so glad he’s not in the military anymore. If 3 days is this bad, I can’t imagine how bad a 6 month deployment would be. Can’t wait to see him tomorrow 🙂

I had plans to clean, disinfect and organize the house, and work on my art while he was gone. I haven’t been able to do as much art as I’d hoped. I took me like 5 hours to reorganize the front room (my art room), go through and shred all the mail, and clean out the junk drawers while also watching Alvin.

I didn’t get to practice on my guitar or photography yesterday, but I did get to work on some of the paintings for the babies’ room. Al and I decided that they would have a superhero themed nursery. I have found so many cute things for them. We have 4 bedrooms, but X is using one right now and the other is Al’s home office, so they’re going to share a room for now. I’m hoping the new baby is like Alvin and starts sleeping through the night at 7 weeks. I know all babies are different; I’m hopeful though. Lol. Anyway, here are some of the paintings I did for the nursery.

My friend Brittany and I are only 2 weeks apart for our due dates. We decided we both wanted a Harry Potter themed baby shower, and we’re both super crafty so I’m sure it will turn out looking really awesome. I’ve already made two really awesome invitations. I can’t even decide which I like more. One is a Hogwarts Express train ticket, and the other is Daily Prophet newsletter invitation. I’ve gotten so many good ideas from Pinterest. That is, by far, my favorite social media site. Can’t get enough of it.

So since I last blogged lots has been happening. We bought a house in January. I love it sooo much. Al keeps getting all of these job offers in other states, even though he hasn’t been applying anywhere. He loves his job and doesn’t want to leave, but whenever he gets an offer I always look at the areas and see what it’d be like. So far I’ve looked at San Francisco, DMV and New York. I would really, really love to live in San Francisco or somewhere on the outskirts of New York. But whenever I look, the houses out there as big as ours are ridiculously expensive. I don’t think we’ll find somewhere that pays as well as Texas, and has as low a cost of living. I wouldn’t mind living somewhere else, but I don’t want to sacrifice that.

Anyway, our new house is pretty cool. Al let me customize everything in the house. He didn’t really care. The only thing he picked was the color of the granite counter tops. It’s really pretty. I think, or at least hope, it’s got that Joanna Gaines vibe going on. lol. Now, of course, he’s making it a smart house, which is also pretty cool. So that’s mostly what I’ve been doing. Getting the house set up, working on art, and hanging out with my sweet baby boy.

Al bought me a guitar last summer, so I’ve been learning to play that. And I’m also really interested in photography. I registered for a photography course at UTA. It was supposed to start last Tuesday, but I got an email Monday morning saying it was cancelled. I was so bummed because the next one takes place when my daughter is due. And the class after that, I highly doubt I’ll be asking anyone to watch my two babies. So I was super bummed about it. Al had been telling me about Lynda, but I tried a couple of classes and they were terrible. After my course was canceled, I tried another course by Ben Long. I read some forums and people were saying that it was the best course for photography, and it is! It’s so helpful and easy to follow, so hopefully I just get better and better at it. I’m thinking I’ll just do art (cards, paintings and photography) until I go back to work.

Well, I guess I’ll get back to business. Alvin is down for a nap right now, so I need to start making lunch. Until later!!

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