Buh-Bye Texas!

Can I share a story with y’all about this man and how amazing he is? A few years ago his goal was to be a drill instructor, later be an officer, and after the military retire in DC. Immediately after we got married he went to drill instructor school and was at the top of his class. 2 weeks before graduation he was told that he couldn’t be a drill instructor because his newlywed wife had cancer and he wouldn’t be able to be there for me because of his demanding job. Very considerate, equally disappointing. So he got stationed in DC where he would have had an AMAZING assignment.

We didn’t know if the tumor was gone and because of the difficulties with the tumor, he requested to be stationed in TX so I could have access to MD Anderson if needed. Gosh, I felt sooooo guilty for a really long time. My cancer had effectively thrown his career off-track & interfered with his goals, which were all within reach.

We know now that the tumor is gone (thank God), and we always talk about moving to DC but it always ends in “sometime in the future.” Recently circumstances changed, and I was planning to go back to work in January as an elementary teacher. I really didn’t want to go back yet because Zoe is sooo young, but it would have been best for our family. Well, a few weeks ago Al’s best friend told him about a great job opportunity in DC, and for once we started to really think about it. Al didn’t want me to have to work if I didn’t want to, he would get to be in his favorite city near some of his closest friends, and a ton of other things just made the timing perfect. Well, last week Al officially accepted the job and he starts in 2 weeks.

I am soooo blessed to have a husband who takes such good care of us. He does so much to make sure I’m good. He made sure I had access to good health care, he went Paleo with me because it’s a recommended diet to prevent cancer, he exercises with me & pushes me not to quit (I HATE exercising) because my oncologists recommend it to prevent the tumor from growing back, and one million other things. He made/makes so many adjustments to ensure that his family is healthy, happy and safe.

I’m so excited about this new phase in our life. All of the history we will be surrounded by, all of the places we can travel to, all four seasons of the year our kids will get to see, all of the Patriots games we’re about to go to and all of the Broadway shows we’re about to watch (lol). Initially I was really sad about leaving Texas. I am really going to miss my parents and friends, but I’m super excited that we’re finally going to DC. Al is going to enjoy it so much, and let’s be real… I’ve got the best man in the world. I would follow him to the ends of the earth. β€ οΈ 

Now it’s time to get this house sold, plan this going-away 90’s party and look for good coffee shops to visit in DMV. Woot-woot!!!! (Also, my new baby is absolutely wonderful, and Alvin is a great big brother! But I will write more about that later.) Ta-ta for now!

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