Moving and Momming x2

I’m so bad about writing consistently. I think I used to write more before I had children. Life seems so busy now. Right now I’m watching Netflix and figured I’d write since the house is clean, mostly packed, Alvin is asleep and I’ve got a free minute or two.


So Zoe is absolutely amazing. She is so sweet and so cute and such an easy baby. When I found out that we were having a girl, I was pretty sure that I was over having babies. But I just love Alvin and Zoe so much, and being a mom is so great I would be okay with having one more… Like tomorrow if Al was on board- which he is not. Lol. We’re going to adopt in the next few years, but we’re not planning to adopt a baby. So I guess I have to be alright with Zoe being the last baby, unless I can get Al to cave. Lol.

Anyway, the first month with Zoe was difficult. It was so much different than when I had Alvin. Alvin’s c-section was soooo easy. It literally took like 10, 15 minutes and I was only in pain for like 5 days, and the pain was insignificant. With Zoe, my doctor had students helping (teaching hospital) and it took like 45 minutes. And I was hurting for like 5 weeks. It sucked. And with Zoe I experienced baby blues. It has been years since I ever felt sad like that, and it was freaking me out because absolutely nothing was wrong. It lasted like 3 or 4 weeks until my hormones got under control and I was feeling happy and normal again. I was super nervous that I was going to have postpartum depression. That part was the worst.

Alvin wasn’t feeling Zoe like the first week, but soon after he just fell in love with her. He’s always trying to feed her, give her a pacifier (which she hates and is useless), patting her head, giving her hugs. It’s really sweet, except he does it ALLLLLL the time. Like, even when she’s sleeping. Lol. He also tries to share food with her. It’s really too much, but he doesn’t understand that and he’s just trying to be helpful. He’s a really good big brother.


I am super, super excited about moving to DC. I am still really sad because I am going to miss my family and friends sooooo much. I’ve been in Texas almost ten years, and I have met some really amazing people and made really close friends. Hopefully we’ll keep in touch when I move though. And I’ll still be back often because I’m not leaving MD Anderson and my parents are still here.

I’m excited that I get to stay home with my babies a little longer though, and that Al finally gets to live somewhere he loves. I had started taking teacher certification courses because I was going to have to go back to work, and I’m glad I don’t have to anymore.

Selling the house is going pretty well. Last month was super slow, but I was told by a few realtors that January was the hardest month to sell. This weekend we had five people come see the house, and last week we had four people come. So it’s getting lots of traffic, and hopefully we’ll get an offer soon. I’m not really in any rush to leave because I’m going somewhere with no friends except my sister in law (lol), but I know it will be easier and necessary for Al to work.

The apartments we’re moving to are super nice, and right across the street from a grocery store. We’re getting rid of our Jeep because we’ll be living in the city, so the fact that our apartment is so close to a grocery store and only a few blocks from WalMart is perfect. And we’ll only be about a mile or two from the National Mall. AND the gym in our apartments is amaaaazzzzeeee balls.

Well, I hear Alvin in his room making noise so it’s time for me to get out of here and feed my child. Write more soon. Jk. Let’s be real, write more in six months. Lol. Later!

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