Life in DC

Hmm.. So I guess I was dead-on about it being another six months before I wrote again. lol. This is what momming has done to me. *shrugs* Any who, as one would assume we sold our home and moved to DC since the last blog. We actually sold our home on my birthday, so I spent my birthday driving across the country with two babies. The first day was great. Alvin and Zoe were perfect. Day two and three, Alvin was a mess. He screamed the entire time, and I wanted to die. lol.

The first couple of months here, I barely missed Texas because I was so busy unpacking and decorating. But after the busy work was over, I got super homesick. I honestly never considered that I would miss anyone or anything about Texas because I was so excited that I wouldn’t have to go back to work and that I’d get to stay home with my babies a little longer (that’s primarily why we moved here). I guess it kind of slipped my mind that I’d been in Texas almost ten years and you know, loved it and had people there who were like family. lol. Anyway, I wouldn’t change anything. Gotta do what you gotta do for your family. I do really, really miss Texas though. 

On the bright side, DC is amazing and I love it here. The people are so friendly, there’s so much to do, I love our new church, and surprisingly living in the city is sooo much better than I thought it would be! In the past, I have sworn by the suburbs. lol. But it is actually really cool here. Al doesn’t have to worry about crazy traffic because we live in the heart of the city, I LOVE our apartments (even though I hated the idea of not owning a home), we walk EVERYWHERE (church, monuments, restaurants, grocery store), I found an awesome mom group, and we are surrounded by history. It’s super convenient and it’s so beautiful. So, Al was right. lol. I guess every now and then I just need to get out of my comfort zone. I love it here.

Only thing I don’t like is that the pubic schools where we are could be better. I know that kids don’t have to go to the best schools to be successful, because neither of us did and we turned out well. But if we can do better for our children, then we should. Alvin doesn’t start elementary school for a few more years though, so we have a while to decide what we’ll do.

Speaking of Alvin, he and Zoe are just the cutest! Let me share some pictures with you.


I have no idea how our photographer got so many great pictures of Alvin, because he was running around like a nut the entire time. lol. She was really good though, and super nice. I love these pictures. ❀

Anyway, these two are enjoying their time here. The transition was a bit rough for Alvin at first. He was a handful the first month or two, but he’s simmered down some. lol. Zoe started walking this past weekend! I mean, only like 3 or 4 steps at a time but in my mind she’s basically Usain Bolt. Everything is happening so fast!! I feel like I just had Alvin yesterday, and now I have two babies. One running around doing God knows what, and the other one saying Mom all day and sprinting like the fastest man in the world. And in just a few weeks, Zoe will be one!!! What is happening?!

Ummm… I’m running out of things to say. So basically, DC is awesome. I miss Texas. My kids are dope. Al & I are good (I didn’t mention that, but we are lol). Our new church is cool. Our new friends are cool. I love our apartments (mostly because of the gym, which we are always in). And might I add, I am so excited for winter!! I will probably really, really, really hate it when it comes, but theoretically, I haven’t seen real snow in at least ten years and I am very excited for my babies to see it. Alvin is going to go nuts πŸ˜€

Well, both Zoe and Alvin have woken up. So perhaps I’ll write again before the year is up. Perhaps I won’t. We shall see. lol. Ta-ta!

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