Dating While Social Distancing

So as we all know, the past couple of weeks have been crazy. Al has been working from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep, and I, like most of the parents in America, have been thrown into instant homeschooling. Lots of schedule adjusting and figuring things out and worrying about people’s health. It’s just been nuts.

Anyway, a few weeks ago some at-home date boxes were advertised to me on Instagram. These are one-time buys or subscription boxes that are sent to you where you have a date inside and don’t have to leave your house. And I thought, oh that’d be great! We’ve got two kids, we can put them to sleep, go to the rooftop, sit by the firepit, have some whiskey and have a date while we look at the Capitol. So obviously, they knew I was the one they needed to advertise to. lol. I’m not sure what company originally was advertising, because I ended up looking at several before I made the decision to buy, and I decided on purchasing Crated With Love because they had the most interesting dates.

Clearly none of the rooftop, firepit mumbo jumbo happened, because thanks, coronavirus. But the date did come right on time. Al has been working so hard this week, and has been so overwhelmed because his job has been deemed essential. So between his job and me being thrown into instant homeschooling while also trying to take this Network+ class that I started last week, I figured we could both use a date, so I planned one for us last night.

The theme of our date box was Retro Game Show Date Night. I won’t tell you all that was inside in case you decide to order it, but it was really fun. It included 4 games, and gave you ways to get to know each other and was also competitive- because if not, where’s the fun. Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to be useful at all in helping us get to know each other because we’ve known each other 14 years and we’re extremely open, but let’s be real… no one knows every single thing that has ever happened to you. lol. So we found out random, silly stories from childhood about each other and it was hilarious.

And obviously, I had to go with the theme. I was the 1950’s housewife and we were at a 1950’s diner. We placed our orders and ate. Then we played the games. We were going to watch The Banker because it’s a movie about two black entrepreneurial men based in the 1950’s, but 15 minutes in (although it was good), we decided we wanted to watch something funny. We ended up just watching sitcoms on Hulu. lol. Here are some pictures below:

I decided not to do the subscription because Crated with Love has a lot of Sold Out boxes, and I ordered 3 boxes at once. I am really glad I made that decision. We had a really fun night, and I think now more than ever we’ll really appreciate some stay at home dates over the next few months!

Praying for y’all and hope that you are safe and well!


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