Inspiration Board

For unimportant reasons, I have always been put off by New Year’s Resolutions. But not in 2020- NEW YEAR, NEW ME. Just kidding. But really, this year I wanted to have a board on our gallery wall where we could post realistic things that we wanted to do this year. I couldn’t find anything that I loved, so I ordered this cork board from Amazon to temporarily satisfy the need until I found something better. Its appearance was truly a disservice to our home.

Thankfully, my friend, Ashley, posted a prayer board that she made a few weeks ago, and I found my solution. It was so pretty and so much better than the cork board sadly displayed on my wall, making one was an easy decision.

What I really like about this board is that it can be used for so many things- a prayer board, a goal board (or as my husband likes to say, a vision board πŸ™„), a baby shower message board, hanging pictures, whatever- so many options.

So I made one for our wall and a prayer board for my friend’s birthday. Here are the things I bought/used to make the board:

The first thing I did was put the hangers on. I drew a line and used the leveler to make sure that the hangers would be even, then made markers of where I wanted the hangers to be. The board was much too thin for nails, so I used super glue instead.

Next, I cut the chalk paper from the roll, took the adhesive off, and centered and wrapped the board. (NOTE: if you use a roll, it’s important to have an extra inch on all sides of the wood to wrap it.) Then I arranged the twine so that it could be glued. For our board, I used tape to hold the twine until I glued it. For my friend, I used clothespins. The tape worked much better; I didn’t have to worry about the pins falling off and arranging the twine again.

Now it’s time for the flowers πŸ™‚ I made a loose version of what I wanted it to look like on the board, then glued the flowers on.

I ended up adding a few flowers in on top of my “intended version” because it didn’t look as full as I wanted, and of course, wrote on the top with a chalk pen. Here are the finished versions:

I wanted to use chalk paper because that allows the option to change the intention of the board. I mean, next year I might want to use this board to hang pictures, who knows? For my friend’s board, I collected cards from mutual friends and put them in envelopes so she had a bunch lovely notes to read on her birthday.

I made mine first so that if I made any mistakes, I would know what not to do for the gift for my friend. Two things I did wrong on mine- I forgot to put the hangers on first, so I ended up having to put them on when the board was finished. It wasn’t terrible, but much easier when doing it first. I also didn’t cut the chalk adhesive paper long enough on the top and bottom and only had like 1 cm on top and bottom, which was terrible, but I figured it out. lol. I really like how the boards turned out, and our new one looks so much better on our wall than the cork board. BOOOO!!

That looks a lot better than the cork board, right? lol. About a month ago, I had different frames and realized that most of them were rustic and really suited to fit our home in Texas. So I bought some black frames, and am planning on making our wall more modern. Next I’m going to change my What Cancer Cannot Do sign to a black and white one. I’m also planning on painting something and replacing our letterboard. And I don’t know what else yet; we’ll see where this goes. lol. Alrighty, biyeee!

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