My Creative Corner

We are planning to buy a house this year (well, mostly… we are back and forth but are 80% leaning towards buying), so I’ve been watching more HGTV and Netflix home improvement shows than normal. We really love the idea of buying a house, changing the kitchen, floors and whatever else so that we can make it exactly what we want. Anyway, I thought I would do a small update to something just to get my feet wet. Lol.

In December on one of my many visits to Ikea, I found the cutest wall-mounted foldable table. It was perfect because we have a DC-sized apartment, and not enough room for another desk. So I found a corner in the living room and had my way.

It looked really good with our set-up, but there was always a loose plan to paint it in the undetermined future. Between the quarantine & the need to change something, this weekend was the perfect time to paint. One of my friends builds things from wood all the time and she is incredible, so I asked her about primer and sealant because my experience with painting wood is slim.

These are the things I bought for my switch-up:

It took me awhile to finish painting this thing. Honestly, I think the primer was the worst, because, although I’ve painted wood furniture before, I’m pretty sure I’ve never used it. Lol. I didn’t know if I was supposed to put one coat on or if I was supposed to put it on until it was completely white and I couldn’t see the wood through the primer. I suppose I could have asked my friend, but I winged it. I don’t remember which way I went, but it turned out well.

Here are the after-pictures:

I really, really love how it looks now! I liked it before, but now 😩 I could sit here and do art all day. Oh, also, I painted it green because that is going to be the accent color in our house. I want dark green cabinets in our kitchen, and traces of green in our house. Anyway, this was obviously no kitchen renovation, but it was a really fun diy project. Looking forward to doing more of this in the future!

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