Seven Years

Do you know what today is? It’s my cancerversary. Today we get to celebrate 7 years of me being cancer free ♥️

It is hard to explain the anxiety behind these appointments. Knowing the high probability of recurrence, trying to go to each appointment with hope while also preparing myself to deal with bad news if it comes, or getting good news and still having to prepare to do this all again in 6 months. Ugh.

This was the first appointment I’ve ever had to go to by myself, because covid 🙄 And it has been stressing me out for months. I am so grateful for my husband who, even though he wasn’t allowed in, rode to Baltimore with me, and waited in the car. And he is always there to talk to about this stuff and he is just the best. I’m grateful for friends who called, texted and prayed. I’m so grateful for good news, and grateful that regardless what the news is, God is so, so faithful. In those moments where I feel afraid or anxious, He is still there to give me peace and surround me with people who care for me. I’m grateful that the Lord has never left and will never leave me alone.

So today makes 7 years of not having brain cancer, and a lifetime of being loved by God. Bless the Lord for life, health, friendship, peace and hope.

SN: Definitely scheduled my next appointment to be a video call so whatever the news is, I can be with my family. Because I am not doing this again. Lol.

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