My First Painted Bible

Painted Bibles have been on my feed for about a year now. I considered ordering one a time or two, but every time I almost made the purchase I just thought, Quiana… you can do this yourself. And so last week I did. Usually I do hand lettering myself, but last week my Cricut was delivered and I thought making a stencil for a painted Bible would be a fun first project. So begins our journey…

It’s a pretty fast journey. Lol. I painted the Bible and made a stencil. Making the stencil was easy, but applying it was a bit tedious. I had to redo it because I didn’t flatten it enough (pictured below). I pretty much went into Cricut blindly, but I knew that I would love it. So I sought advice from both my sister-in-law and my friend who are fellow-Cricuters, and it was smooth-sailing from there.

Gesso messo

Anyway, after the stencil was applied successfully, I finished the painting and added Mod Podge when it dried. Here is the finished product:

I’m really glad with how this turned out- especially for my first one. I ordered a couple more Bibles, and I’ve already started to make the designs for them. This was really fun, and I’m excited to make more.

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