Alvin’s Locs

Alvin has been saying he wanted his hair like Dad’s since Al loc’d his hair two years. We decided to give it a while before we loc’d it to make sure that was what he wanted, and here we are two years later and he is still asking when we’re going to loc his hair.

Initially, we wanted take Alvin to get instant locs at the place where Al loc’d his hair, but we just did not want to pay hundreds of dollars for half of his head. Then we wanted to take him to the shop we currently go to (she is amazing), but she doesn’t do kids’ hair. We thought about finding another place, but then I was like… let me give it a go.

This is his hair before. It was about 6.5″

I watched a YouTube video about diamond parts, and it didn’t seem as difficult as I thought it would be. Both the shops we have been to do diamond parts, and it just looks a million times better. I had to take out the first two or three rows 2 or 3 times because of either parting, or size. The hardest thing about doing this was the parts. That, and Alvin asking every ten minutes if we were done or if he could see himself in the mirror. LOL. After I finished, Al faded his sides and I clipped his hair and put him under the dryer.

After I did two about two rows Alvin asked if he could see his hair, and he looked in the mirror and said, “I look good, Mom.” LOL. I was like, yeah baby, you do! Here he is:

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