New Home, Coming Soon

We moved here April 2017, and the plan was to rent for a year, find neighborhoods that we liked for long-term living, and buy after our lease ended. We looked at a lot of areas and every now and then we found houses that we liked, but the few that we loved were off the […]

Baby Richburg on the way!

So we’re having a baby!!! Today I am 13 weeks, 4 days pregnant; the first day of my second trimester. I’m very happy. I thought I wanted Zoe to be our last because we had a boy and a girl, and pregnancy (regardless of what people say) is the worst. Pain, nausea, can’t eat, shooting […]

DIY Painted Letter Board

I got this letterboard a few years ago, and it’s the best. It generally has a rotating quote from The Office, although John Mulaney has been added in here and there. Recently, I have really started to hate how it looks. I really wanted one that had white felt and black trim. I started looking […]

Just Checking In

It’s been a few months; let’s catch up. Marriage + Momming Things have been pretty good. In August we moved down the hall to a smaller unit. It’s over 1k less than what we were paying before, so we’re saving a lot of money. We don’t have any space, but surprisingly it hasn’t been annoying. […]

Love Never Fails

Yesterday the message at church was about justice, compassion, our call to help those who are oppressed, and our greatest call- to love God and to love others. This year has been crazy and hard in a lot of ways. Racial tension, political divide, everything surrounding the pandemic. I have been guilty of questioning friendships, […]

Alvin’s Locs

Alvin has been saying he wanted his hair like Dad’s since Al loc’d his hair two years. We decided to give it a while before we loc’d it to make sure that was what he wanted, and here we are two years later and he is still asking when we’re going to loc his hair. […]

My First Painted Bible

Painted Bibles have been on my feed for about a year now. I considered ordering one a time or two, but every time I almost made the purchase I just thought, Quiana… you can do this yourself. And so last week I did. Usually I do hand lettering myself, but last week my Cricut was […]

Seven Years

Do you know what today is? It’s my cancerversary. Today we get to celebrate 7 years of me being cancer free ♥️ It is hard to explain the anxiety behind these appointments. Knowing the high probability of recurrence, trying to go to each appointment with hope while also preparing myself to deal with bad news […]

Road Trip to Montana

I started writing a blog about this last week and thought I saved it to come back and finish later. And when I came back later that day, there was nothing here. It irritated me so badly, it took me a week to get back to writing this. lol. Anyway, about Montana… Al and I […]

My Creative Corner

We are planning to buy a house this year (well, mostly… we are back and forth but are 80% leaning towards buying), so I’ve been watching more HGTV and Netflix home improvement shows than normal. We really love the idea of buying a house, changing the kitchen, floors and whatever else so that we can […]


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