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Just Checking In

It’s been a few months; let’s catch up. Marriage + Momming Things have been pretty good. In August we moved down the hall to a smaller unit. It’s over 1k less than what we were paying before, so we’re saving a lot of money. We don’t have any space, but surprisingly it hasn’t been annoying. […]

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Seven Years

Do you know what today is? It’s my cancerversary. Today we get to celebrate 7 years of me being cancer free ♥️ It is hard to explain the anxiety behind these appointments. Knowing the high probability of recurrence, trying to go to each appointment with hope while also preparing myself to deal with bad news […]

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Hair Loss… Bleh

Today my hair started falling out. As I washing it in the shower, my hands were kind of just filled with hair. At first I thought, well whatever.. Mom & I just discussed cutting my hair to the lowest point- basically 2010 BC- after radiation so I wouldn’t have hair anyway. But the more I […]

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