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15 Weeks Pregnant

I don’t think I look this huge in real life. This is really just an exaggerated shot of my baby bump. Blame my camera!

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It’s Been a Long Time…

Geeze, it has been a while! I’ve been meaning to blog, but I was waiting for Al to update my website so that it’s not linked to Tumblr anymore. We’ve had a lot going on though. Anyway, things have been really great. I got really depressed after my last entry. I got pregnant again, then […]

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What A Week

So I don’t know how it’s possible to have the best day and the worst day of your life in a one-week time-span, but that definitely just happened. Last Monday I found out that I was pregnant, and I guess if you don’t know me well then you have no idea how happy I was. […]

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