The Ongoings of The Richburgs

So my love is out of the Marine Corps now. He started his new job last week, which he seems to really like, so that’s awesome. And even more awesome that we get to keep Tricare for the rest of our lives, so insurance wasn’t an issue in him accepting a job. Monday we’re moving […]

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Brain Tumor Run Weekend

So I just got done baking oatmeal raisin cookies, and now I‘m watching Criminal Minds. DeAndre is napping, so I’m just lounging around before I have to cook and unpack our clothes. We went to Houston this weekend, and had such a great time. Friday morning I had an appointment at MD Anderson. It was […]

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It’s Been a Long Time…

Geeze, it has been a while! I’ve been meaning to blog, but I was waiting for Al to update my website so that it’s not linked to Tumblr anymore. We’ve had a lot going on though. Anyway, things have been really great. I got really depressed after my last entry. I got pregnant again, then […]

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