Alvin is Almost Here!

I had my last OBGYN appointment today. To no surprise, I still have not started to dilate. I am 38 weeks and 5 days, and the c-section is scheduled Thursday evening. I’m low-key pissed that the c-section is so late, because that is an incredibly long time to go without eating. The nurse said I […]

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How Can Something Be So Fun, Yet Uneventful?

So I really like living in Fort Worth. I feel like I do a lot, but in reality I don’t know how true that is. lol. I love that I get to see my dad and my family up here. I’ve never really lived that close to him, so it’s nice to be near him […]

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❤ My Life ❤

Al and I drove to Houston Monday night. I had appointments at MD Anderson Tuesday and Wednesday. The radiation department was a drag as always, but everything else was awesome. Originally, all 4 of my appointments were on Wednesday, but the radiation department called and said my radio-oncologist (the one who incorrectly told me that […]

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