9 Days Left!!!

Yesterday I had my weekly appointment with my OBGYN. I was a bit worried because my doctor was concerned that Alvin had SGA. He said my uterus was measuring at 35 weeks instead of 37 weeks so I had to see a perinatologist to make sure everything was fine. The nurse said that it could […]

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My Baby and My Life and Whatnot

So we used to have this awesome habit of cleaning the kitchen directly after dinner. Over the past few months (since Al has been working/commuting for 13 hours a day and I’ve been colossal and tired), we’ve fallen off. I just put the dishes away when I wake up in the morning. Well, last night […]

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Alvin’s Baby Shower

So we had the baby shower last weekend! We started like 30 minutes late, but it was still pretty awesome. I had lots of help. Al, his mom and my mom helped set everything up, and my dad picked up and dropped off the chairs and tables for me. It was super cute, Mad Hatter […]

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