Love and Marriage ♥

So I’ve been meaning to blog since I got back from my honeymoon, but I was spending time with my love, and well… Let’s be honest, that was much more fun. Lol. Tuesday I officially became Quiana Richburg and put Quiana Rose to rest! And I updated all of my accounts. I’m a Mrs. now! […]

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Hair Loss… Again

Finished radiation and two cuts later, here I am! I probably should have blogged about it when it first happened, because it really doesn’t bother me anymore. When I first realized my hair was going bald, I unfortunately happened to be visiting my fiance’ in North Carolina, where I had an emotional breakdown. lol. Or […]

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Empty House

Since December, the house has been full of people. There were nine people, and yesterday it dwindled down to just the norm. Both my best friends left in the last 3 days, although one will be back soon. It’s really quiet, and I miss my family but it’s nice to have some “me time.” I’ve […]

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