Seven Years

Do you know what today is? It’s my cancerversary. Today we get to celebrate 7 years of me being cancer free ♥️ It is hard to explain the anxiety behind these appointments. Knowing the high probability of recurrence, trying to go to each appointment with hope while also preparing myself to deal with bad news […]

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Black Lives Matter

The past few weeks have been difficult. I don’t know that I really have my thoughts together yet, but here’s the best I can give. Growing up, I was a sheltered, only girl, PK with a very protective family. Needless to say, those rose-colored glasses were BIG. When I moved away at 19 l, I […]

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Five Years

Sometimes I still can’t believe that I had brain cancer. My last surgery was 5 years ago today. The upside about hard times is that we learn how strong we are, who is there for us, what’s important in life, what isn’t, & most importantly, how great & how faithful God is. While I’m still […]

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