Brain Tumor Run Weekend

So I just got done baking oatmeal raisin cookies, and now Iβ€˜m watching Criminal Minds. DeAndre is napping, so I’m just lounging around before I have to cook and unpack our clothes. We went to Houston this weekend, and had such a great time. Friday morning I had an appointment at MD Anderson. It was […]

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Best Friends

Sooo I dropped my Candi-pop off at the airport this morning 😦 Outside of my family- including my husband, I don’t know many people who would take their classes online and basically put their lives on hold for six months to come help me when I’m sick. However, my best friend Candice has been here […]

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Hair Loss… Again

Finished radiation and two cuts later, here I am! I probably should have blogged about it when it first happened, because it really doesn’t bother me anymore. When I first realized my hair was going bald, I unfortunately happened to be visiting my fiance’ in North Carolina, where I had an emotional breakdown. lol. Or […]

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