5 Years a Richburg + A Year in DC

I think I start every blog by saying how bad I am at writing consistently. This is why I’ve never really kept a journal. It would basically be an utter waste of my time. Lol. At any rate, I think this should be expected by now. So let’s update on my life, and check back […]

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Life in DC

Hmm.. So I guess I was dead-on about it being another six months before I wrote again. lol. This is what momming has done to me. *shrugs* Any who, as one would assume we sold our home and moved to DC since the last blog. We actually sold our home on my birthday, so I […]

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Weekend Bliss

I’m on a layover in Charlotte, NC right now. My flight leaves in 26 minutes, and soon after I’ll be seeing my husband, who I haven’t seen since July 2nd. I’m really, really excited that we finally get to live together! Long distances marriages are weird, especially in the beginning of a marriage. I finished […]

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