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Hey, y'all! Iโ€™ve had this blog about ten years now. My then-boyfriend made it for me because he thought it'd be a good source of relief while I was going through radiation. Since then, I have beaten brain cancer, married my amazing boyfriend, and weโ€™ve had three incredible children. Writing- along with Jesus, therapy and support from my circle- was a great method of relief back then, and I could use some of that again. So I figured Iโ€™d try to be consistent with my blog in 2023 and see how it goes :)

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Hey, Y’all!

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I'm Quiana :) I'm pretty bad at written introductions so I'm just gonna say random stuff & see where this goes. I've been married to my awesome husband almost ten years now. I've known him almost 17 years. He told me he he was going to marry me the second day we met, and I'm so glad he was right. He is, by far, the best person in my world โ™ก We've got three beautiful children, and they are all so much fun. Old fashioneds & oatmilk vanilla chais are my favorite drinks. I really love Charlie Brown. In another world, I'd be an interior designer. The Office is my favorite show. Abbott Elementary is out to win, but I need more catalogue. Peter Parker is the best Spiderman; I don't care what anyone says. I love to dance, write, sing, design, karaoke singing loudly & off-key, paint & create. I have a strong feeling that cruises are gonna be me & Al's new thing. I really wanna go horseback riding. I'm obsessed with Jazmine Sullivan. I get way too excited every time I see a deer. I mean, like waayyy too excited. Mmmkk. I feel like that's enough. For now. โœŒ๐Ÿพ